Towa Yuhazaki
Artwork of Towa Yuhazaki.
Gender Female
First Appearance Crimson Alive
Age 16
Occupation Student, Fighter
M.U.G.E.N Information
Author(s) Toshio
Pão de Mugen
Towa is the main character of Crimson Alive who got involved in the investigation of the recent murders caused by a beast known only as "Irregular", she fights other girls in order to find the truth about the  monsters and their connection with Rachel Kirihara.

In mugen, Towa was made by Toshio.

Move List:Edit

Flame Mine:
- Moero:
- Crimson Slayer:
~F,DF,F, punch (x or y).
- Carmine Edge:
~D,DB,B, punch (x or y).
- Assault Spike:
~D,DF,F, a
- Heat Grave:
- Crimson Needle:
While jumping ~D,DF,F, kick (a or b).
- Misc:
c (hold forward or back to change directions).
- Power Kick (can also be done in air):
z -
Special Upper:
~Down, z
- Guard Cancel (Cost one power bar):
While guarding tap foward + any attack (a,b,c,x,y or z).



Towa vs Kanon.


Yuhazaki Towa Beta18:33

Yuhazaki Towa Beta

Yuhazaki in action.

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