Artwork of Kasumin
Gender Female
First Appearance Henamon Sekai Kazumin episode 1.
Last Appearance Henamon Sekai Kasumin 78.
Age Unknown
Birth Place Japan
Occupation Maid
Siblings None
M.U.G.E.N Information
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Kasumin is the protagonist of Henamon Sekai Kasumin, she is a young girl who had to live with another family for a while since her parents went to an expedition. Unfortunatelly for her, she learns that family is from the secret Henamon Tribe (weirdlings) which have sobrenatural powers, so she must live with them while keeping their true identity as a secret.

Move List:Edit

Unknown Name - Hit opponent with strong button and hold F
DASH Shou Kougeki - F, F + a
DASH Naka Kougeki - F, F + b
DASH Dai Kougeki - F, F + c
Kikou Nami - QCF + attack (can be performed in the air)
Kikou Nami: Tame - F, HCF + attack
Ryu-chan BOMBER (Tei) - D, D + a
Ryu-chan BOMBER (Taka) - D, D + b
Hena Chi ATTACK - D, D + c
Konjo Nage - HCB + c
Kaiten Nage - during a jump, B, U, F + c
Katien Nage Betsu COMMAND 2 - during a jump, F, U + c
Kikou Nami (LV) - QCF, QCF + a
Bechaponten Ranbu - QCF, QCF + b
Haniwa BOMB - QCF, QCF + c

Hiraku Mono - abc or HCB, F + abc



Kasumin vs Aiko.


Kasumin Updated

Kasumin Updated

Kasumin Updated