Doremi Harukaze
Doremi as she appears in Magical Chaser.
Gender Female
First Appearance Ojamajo Doremi
Last Appearance Ojamajo Doremi Naisho
Age Variable.
Birth Place Misora City
Occupation Student, Witch apprentice
Siblings Pop Harukaze
M.U.G.E.N Information
Author(s) Toshio
Pão de Mugen
Doremi is the main character of Ojamajo Doremi, she is a young girl who discovered that the owner of a local antique shop was a real witch. The witch who is called Majo Rika order Doremi to became a witch apprentice, so she can return to her original form. Doremi always dreamed of becoming a witch herself, so she accepted the idea of becoming an apprentice. Since Doremi is clumsy and annoying, she was nicknamed by Majo Rika as "Ojamajo" ("unskilled witch").

In Mugen, Doremi was made by Toshio.


Shou Kougeki - D + a, D + a
Shou Kougeki 2 - DF + a
DASH Sho - F, F + a
DASH Naka - F, F + b
DASH Dai - F, F + c

Mahou Tama Kyou - QCF + attack
Kurukurumaware Dai - QCB + attack
Poron UPPER Kyou - D, D + attack
Haguu Jaku - B, F + attack
{C Lv1
*Odango - D,DF,F,D,DF, F + a
Totsugeki Dokkaan - D,DF,F,D,DF, F + b (can be also done during a jump)
Oja Ranbu - D,DF,F,D,DF, F + c
{C Lv3




Doremi vs Uran


Doremi Test Play

Doremi Test Play

Doremi revisited.


  • Doremi got new commands for her moves since her original command list in Magical Chaser was inconsistent.
  • Doremi 's Odango may shrunk a non compatible target due obvious coding limitations since characters outside Magical Chaser must be compatible with her, so the odango effect will occur.
  • Doremi 's Odango will add an additional odango if the target is another Doremi.
  • Doremi will become a mouse if hit by Aiko's Henshin Mahou.